Disgruntled ex strikes again: Woman found in closet after stealing wedding ring set

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31-year-old Heather McClain was charged with theft of property, aggravated burglary, and two counts of violation of probation after illegally entering her ex-girlfriend’s home, stealing a wedding ring set, and hiding in a closet from the police.

On August 16th, Officer Downs was dispatched to 420 South Maple Street to investigate a suspicious female observed looking in the windows and later exiting the home. Officer Downs spoke to Sabrina Whittmon who advised police that she had seen Heather McClain coming from inside the home several times that day. Through further investigation, Officer Downs discovered McClain was the home owner’s ex-girlfriend, and that there were prior incidents involving her.

Heather McClain (WCSO)
Heather McClain (WCSO)

The search revealed that the first incident occurred on January 14th when she was charged with domestic assault, the second was on March 13th following which she was charged with violation of release, and the third on April 28th when she was charged with theft of property. Heather was out on bond following the fourth incident on August 13th in reference to criminal trespassing at the same location. Jocelyn Jefferson advised police that when she surveyed her belongings a diamond wedding ring set was missing and that her home had been left in shambles. The wedding ring set was valued at $10,000. Officer Downs found McClain hiding in a closet inside the home and she was taken into custody.

Heather McClain was arrested and charged with theft of property, aggravated burglary, and two counts of violation of probation. Her bond was set at $33,000.

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