High-speed chase ends with crash and false imprisonment charges

20-year-old Istalmir Villasenor was charged with paraphernalia, resisting, evading, tampering, false imprisonment, gun theft, reckless endangerment, DUI, and possession of marijuana for resale after a high-speed chase with children in his car that started with a hit-and-run in Lebanon and ending with a crash on Polk Avenue.

On August 11th, Mount Juliet Police Officers were dispatched to the area of Interstate 40 in regard to a hit-and-run in Lebanon. Officer Dyce stated the Lebanon Police Department relayed the information. At the I-40 exit 226, Istalmir Villasenor drove head-on at an officer before getting back onto the interstate. Officers stayed in pursuit with lights and emergency equipment attempting to stop Villasenor. A third party called dispatch stating that two juvenile females were in Villasenor’s vehicle. The children had asked Villasenor to let them out of the vehicle after the first accident as well as during the pursuit.

Officers observed Villasenor driving at a high rate of speed, weaving in and out of traffic, and passing vehicles on the shoulder. Villasenor failed to stop at multiple red lights and struck another vehicle near Polk Avenue. Villasenor eventually exited the vehicle and was immediately taken to the ground and placed into custody. Officers noted Villasenor had pinpoint pupils, red, watery eyes, slurred speech, and was unsteady on his feet.

Istalmir Villasenor (WCSO)
Istalmir Villasenor (WCSO)

A search of the vehicle produced a loaded and chambered Smith & Wesson .40 caliber pistol on the driver side floorboard, a zipped bag with three plastic baggies under the seat, and a surgical mask that contained marijuana. The total estimated weight of the weed was 83 grams. A computer check revealed the pistol was stolen 13 years ago from Nashville. Authorities applied for and were granted a blood search warrant but Villasenor refused to comply with a blood draw.

Istalmir Villasenor was arrested and charged with drug paraphernalia, resisting arrest, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, false imprisonment, evading arrest, possession of marijuana for resale, theft of property, gun, and DUI. He is jailed in lieu of a $65,000 bond.

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