Louisville “tweaker” clucks like a chicken in hospital waiting room

35-year-old Richard Luttrell was charged with public intoxication after refusing to leave the Vanderbilt Wilson Hospital following a 17-day bender.

On August 18th, Lebanon Police Officer Huckaby was dispatched to Vanderbilt Wilson Hospital regarding a report of an unwanted person. The officer found Richard Luttrell, who had been brought to the hospital by ambulance, was treated for strep and released.

Richard Luttrell (WCSO)
Richard Luttrell (WCSO)

Luttrell was lethargic, had slurred speech, little control of his body movements, and was refusing to leave the waiting room. He told the officer that he had used methamphetamine three or four days ago and had not slept in seventeen days. According to the officer, Luttrell was clucking like a chicken prior to him being detained.

Richard Luttrell was arrested and charged with public intoxication. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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