Intoxicated Man hides in Stoners Creek after he busts girlfriend’s lip

feat Hudson James

44-year-old James Hudson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after he punched his girlfriend in the face, leaving her with “a busted lip” and a “possible broken nose,” and ran into a nearby creek afterward.

On October 10th, Mt. Juliet Police Department Officer Jordan Brown from, was dispatched to Stoner Creek Apartments located at 127 Belinda Parkway in Mt. Juliet. James Hudson came running from Apt. F 45 and into the wood line when Officer Brown made contact with him.

Officer Brown chased Hudson and found him lying in a creek. Jessica Ford told Officer Brown that Hudson was extremely intoxicated and they had a verbal argument. Hudson yelled and argued with Ford. Ford stated that she pushed Hudson to get away from him. She claimed Hudson punched her in the face, busting her lip and possibly breaking her nose.

James Hudson was arrested and charged with domestic assault and evading arrest. He was released on a $5,000 bond.

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