Man charged after calling co-worker a racial slur and threatening him with a forklift

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38-year-old Todd Andrews was charged with assault after he aggressively drove a forklift towards an African American co-worker who he called a racial slur in an earlier incident.

On November 11th, Lloyd Carr stated that Todd Andrews, a coworker, had verbally assaulted and continued to harass him throughout the day. The officer’s report stated that Carr has to ask Andrews to replenish supplies as needed. Carr, who is an African American, stated Andrews said, “Nigger, I don’t have to do what you tell me to do.” Andrews’s threatening remarks escalated throughout the day. Carr stated that he was sitting at a table eating when he heard “I’m sick of you” as Andrews was driving the forklift towards him at a high rate of speed.

Todd Andrews (WCSO)

Andrews was coming towards him at a high rate of speed and slid the forklift to stop extremely close to him, according to Carr. Andrews then yelled, “Homeboy, you have one more time to tell me anything.” The police report stated that Carr feared for his life and safety due to Andrews’ actions and threats.

Todd Andrews was arrested and charged with assault. He was later released on his own recognizance.

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