Man kicks wife in groin causing her to pee herself, per report

46-year-old Poyli Juarez was charged with domestic assault after he kicked his wife in the groin, threw her against the wall, and slapped his daughter in the face.

On November 3rd, Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Maynard arrived at the residence of Poyli Juarez, located at 2829 Cainsville Road, in response to a domestic assault call. Per the report, Deputy Maynard was advised that Poyli Juarez and his wife, Claudia Mathamba, got into an argument.

Poyli Juarez (WCSO)
Poyli Juarez (WCSO)

Poyli busted Claudia’s lip, kicked her in the groin which caused her to pee on herself, and threw her against the wall. It was also reported that when their 13-year-old daughter tried to her her mother, Poyli slapped her in the face. Officer Maynard noted bruising around Claudia’s groin and redness to the side of their daughter’s face.

Poyli Juarez was arrested and charged with domestic assault. He was released on a $1,500 bond.

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