Man threatens to burn down home after lover isn’t in bed with him when he wakes up

22-year-old Dawson Culbert is charged with domestic assault and vandalism after putting his hands on his ex-girlfriend, threatening her, and damaging her cell phone after waking up and realizing she wasn’t in bed with him.

On January 28th, the victim’s ex-girlfriend reported to Lebanon Police that her ex-boyfriend Dawson Culbert assaulted her and damaged her phone. She stated that he woke up in the early morning hours and started behaving erratically towards her because she was not in bed with him. During this altercation, Dawson reportedly grabbed her cell phone and threw it causing it to crack. She says he then grabbed her arm aggressively and was put out of the residence by her.

According to the affidavit, he kept being violent and angry towards her saying that he was going to burn the house down. She stated he kept calling her multiple times and was advised by law enforcement to stop calling – to which he replied that he’d still like to speak with her on that call.

Dawson Culbert (WCSO)
Dawson Culbert (WCSO)

On January 28th, Dawson Culbert was booked on the charges of domestic assault and vandalism. He was released on his own recognizance and is scheduled to appear in court in August.

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