Dear Kendell Burton: You’re old enough to know better

31-year-old Kendell Burton was arrested walking out the door of a Mt. Juliet Kroger Monday, after police say she was observed using the self-checkout to bag and steal items she didn’t pay for.

Woman charged with public intox after fighting with her girlfriend on side of I-40

50-year-old Chrystal Baird was on the side of the interstate, involved in what MJPD described as a ‘heated argument’ with her girlfriend before being arrested and charged with public intoxication on Thursday.

Mt. Juliet Police: How Much They Make

The City of Mt. Juliet initially refused to release a roster of MJPD employees that contained their ‘name, position, and salary’, however that information is public record, and by law they had to release it. Here’s the data on the MJPD.