Mt. Juliet teen charged with DUI close to home

19-year-old Eric Larson was charged with driving under the influence after he was reported by a neighbor for parking in front of their house trying to restart his car. When police arrived, they found him to be intoxicated.

Watertown man harasses woman on phone while police were present

29-year-old Scotty Blaze Eaton was charged with harassment after police responded to a domestic assault call and while there, he called Chassity Carter and was told to stop contacting her and continued to call, text, and leave voicemails.

Old Hickory woman headbutts one deputy, kicks another in the groin after assaulting girlfriend

46-year-old Stacy Sullivan was charged with domestic assault, two counts of assaulting an officer, resisting arrest, disorderly conduct, and public intoxication after getting into a loud drunken argument in the middle of the street. She assaulted her girlfriend and two deputies with the neighborhood looking on.

Columbia motorcyclist gets nabbed for running light, says bathroom to blame

45-year-old Thomas Holcomb was charged for reckless driving after police spotted his motorcycle traveling irresponsibly on N. Mt. Juliet Road and used the excuse that he needed to use the bathroom.

Bathing suit bandit arrested at Walmart

37-year-old Angela Carol Cole was cited and charged with theft of merchandise after she was caught at a Mt. Juliet Walmart attempting to steal $55.88 worth of bathing suits by using fraudulent bar codes.