Mt. Juliet ‘reckless driver’ admits to using drugs earlier in the day

30-year-old Joshua McKenzie was charged with driving under the influence after police responded to a call about a reckless driver and when he was found in a parking lot, he pretended that he hit a rock in the road. He then admitted to taking Suboxone and smoking marijuana earlier in the day.

Mt. Juliet man found with stolen trailer driving on suspended license

39-year-old Robert Beydler was charged with theft of property and driving on a suspended license when a plate reader system alerted authorities to a stolen trailer and he was found driving with the trailer and without a license.

Mt. Juliet man found with bourbon during traffic accident stop, charged with DUI

56-year-old Nicholas Scalf was charged with driving under the influence after he was involved in a traffic accident involving injuries and admitted to police that he was drinking bourbon while driving.

Man charged with assault after shoving girlfriend’s head into speaker

48-year-old Jack Baird was charged with domestic assault after he reportedly shoved his girlfriend’s head into a speaker during an argument.

Teen admits to being high during Mt. Juliet traffic stop

18-year-old Thomas Guy is charged with DUI after he admitting to being high on marijuana during a traffic stop. in Mt. Juliet, TN.

Debbie Moss admits to drinking; witnesses saw her crash and flee, police say.

DETAILS: Despite a flurry of friends and family claiming she’s being unfairly prosecuted, multiple witnesses stated they saw Circuit Court Clerk Debbie Moss drunkenly crash into a car and flee the scene, and officers say she smelled of alcohol when they located her at her home, where she admitted to drinking prior to driving.

Traffic stop leads to Heroin & Suboxone arrest

Mt. Juliet Police recovered 7.4 grams of heroin, and 2 Suboxone pills, during a traffic stop, resulting in the arrest of William Turney Glover.