Man with one shoe chases vehicle in parking lot, charged with DUI

39-year-old William Vaughn was charged with DUI after he was reportedly chasing another vehicle in a Publix parking lot and admitted to having a few drinks prior to driving.

Man caught with stolen merchandise and license plate at Tractor Supply

39-year-old Seth Grimenstein was charged with theft of merchandise, theft of property, and driving on a revoked license after police observed him in the parking lot of Tractor Supply with stolen items and a stolen license plate on his vehicle.

Mt. Juliet man charged with stealing from Walmart despite being told to never come back

feat Brannam David

26-year-old David Brannam was charged with theft of merchandise and burglary when he stole $112 of unpaid items from Walmart by not scanning some and concealing others in his clothes.

Man breaks woman’s phone after “talking to another man,” who was her father

53-year-old David Howell was charged with domestic assault and vandalism after screaming at his roommate, scaring her, and breaking her phone when he thought she was talking to another man.

Intoxicated Man hides in Stoners Creek after he busts girlfriend’s lip

feat Hudson James

44-year-old James Hudson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after he punched his girlfriend in the face, leaving her with “a busted lip” and a “possible broken nose,” and ran into a nearby creek afterward.

Cookeville felon and two men found in a stolen vehicle with THC and Del-Ton AR-15

27-year-old Vaughn Cornelia, 36-year-old Christy Dailey, and 39-year-old Brandon Forbes were charged after police patrolling the area of North Mt. Juliet Road got a hit on their vehicle as showing stolen out of Nashville.

Mt. Juliet woman caught skip scanning in Walmart

33-year-old Crystal Akridge was charged with theft of merchandise and criminal trespass after she was caught at the Mt. Juliet Walmart skip scanning.