Teen driving without a license charged with underage drinking

feat Ayala, Gerardo

18-year-old Gerardo Ayala was charged with underage consumption of alcohol and driving without a license after an officer noticed the car he was driving drift into the officer’s lane.

Teen charged with DUI, tries to hide marijuana container on way to jail

18-year-old Scout Walker was charged with underage consumption, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence after he was pulled over on a light law violation and was found to be intoxicated. On the way to jail, he attempted to conceal a container with marijuana residue.

Lebanon teen charged for DUI and underage consumption after trip to McDonald’s

18-year-old Cooper Wayne Retzke was charged with driving under the influence and underage consumption when an officer followed him from a McDonald’s and observed his vehicle swerving. He also exhibited impairment in field sobriety tests.