Old Hickory husband forces wife to cough up blood; per report

45-year-old Jason Adams was charged with aggravated domestic assault and violating his conditions of release after his wife reported to police that an argument at their home turned physical when he threw her to the ground and strangled her to the point that she coughed up blood.

Love knows no limits: Homeless man jailed for domestic dispute

56-year-old George Snider was charged with violating conditions of domestic release at the Discount Tobacco on 735 N. Cumberland in Lebanon. Snider’s charges come via a domestic dispute at the smoke shop.

Deputies find Lebanon woman holding “Help Me” sign

44-year-old Munson Perry was charged with breaking an order of protection to stay away from the victim, Annie Hawkins, because of a previous domestic dispute. He locked her in a room and told her to stay quiet or he would hurt her.

Man slams and punches woman until stopped by witness, per report; charged with assault

35-year-old Matthew Noble was charged with domestic assault and violation of conditional release after a witness reported seeing him grab Stephanie Smithey, slam her head into a parked car, then get on top of her and punch her in the head and face several times.

Woman caught arguing with assault victim; charged with violating conditional release

31-year-old Heather McClain was charged with violation of conditional release after police found her arguing with her roommate and discovering she wasn’t even supposed to be around due to an aggravated assault charge from a previous incident between them.

Son breaks broom over father’s body when told he couldn’t go to ballgame; violates bond conditions

18-year-old Shawn Michael was charged with domestic assault in January after he was found to have stuck his father’s body with a broom. He was arrested again on February 6th when police found him in the home with his father, in violation of his conditional release from jail.