Woman charged with burglary after dancing around Walmart for hours, refusing to pay for food she ate

36-year-old Alicia Hall is charged with public intoxication and burglary after she allegedly spent 3 hours dancing around Wal-Mart while impaired and eating food she had not paid for.

Lebanon Police charge $27 Walmart shoplifter with felony burglary – she now faces 2-4 years in prison

A Tennessee appellate court deemed a policy of prosecuting repeat Walmart shoplifters as felony burglars unconstitutional but that isn’t stopping Wilson County from continuing to apply the felony charges for petty thefts while the argument progresses to the State Supreme Court. Lebanon police just charged Shelly Beene with felony burglary for stealing $27 worth of merchandise from Walmart – which could now cost her 2-4 years in state prison.