Man ‘borrowed’ Wilson County Fair UTV for a beer run — Stephen Goins arrested

29-year-old Stephen Roger Goins is charged with public intoxication and joyriding after deputies say he drove a UTV that belonged to the Wilson County Fair Board to make a quick trip to the store without permission.

Man charged with assault, reportedly upset a black man was bunked above him — Mikel Edwards arrested

46-year-old Mikel Edwards is charged with domestic assault. His girlfriend says he became upset a black man was bunked above them in a local halfway house and took his anger out on her, punching her multiple times in her face, bruising both eyes.

Drive-Thru DUI: Woman charged after altercation in McDonald’s drive-thru line — Shelby Marie Anderson

24-year-old Shelby Marie Anderson is charged with DUI after an off-duty officer observed her get into an altercation with another individual while she was in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s on S. Cumberland in Lebanon.

Man flags down police; gets arrested for DUI

55-year-old Raymond Heitz was charged with DUI after he flagged down an officer to assist him and the officer found him to be impaired, according to the affidavit.

Xanax and a suspended license leads to DUI and more

Kayla Kayser, 33, was charged with DUI, drug paraphernalia, possession of a schedule IV drug, and driving on suspended 2nd offense after swerving in her vehicle eventually lead to a stop and search of it.

Woman shoves girlfriend’s head into door after break-up

31-year-old Heather McClain was charged with domestic assault after shoving her girlfriend’s head into a door.

Carlot owner charged with driving without license or interlock device, reckless endangerment

31-year-old Brian Powers has been charged with driving on revoked 3rd offense, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, and open container after he was caught speeding, passing in a no-passing zone, running a stop sign, and operating a vehicle with no interlock device, police say.

Man charged with assaulting girlfriend because of a text message

37-year-old Ronald Harris is accused of throwing his girlfriend to the ground, hitting her in the face, kneeing her in the face, and strangling her until she nearly passed out, according to a warrant for his arrest, charging him with aggravated domestic assault.

Woman served 4 days, $50 fine, for kicking officer in face at Wilson County Fair

Laraziah Quinvette Turner, charged with kicking a Lebanon Police officer in the face at the Wilson County Fair, took a plea deal that reduced her charge to a a misdemeanor, and received a sentence of time served (4 days), a $50 fine, and costs, by Judge Haywood Barry.

Man charged with public indecency near sheep & children at Wilson County Fair

20-year old Christopher Michael Tinker is free on $1,000 bond after being charged with indecent exposure at the Wilson County Fair on opening night. Lebanon Police Officer Jeff Scott was working at the Wilson County fair when he was notified that a man had his penis out in public, urinating near the sheep races, where children were nearby. Officer Scott located the man, identified as Christopher Tinker, as Detective Jay Spicer detained him. Spice witnessed his exposed penis, and noted he made no attempt to hide it from the many…