Woman charged in Watertown Funeral Home Fight, family pins her to the ground — Brenda Willis

58-year-old Brenda Willis was pinned to the ground by family members after she punched Bryar Hight in the face, and knocked the glasses of the face of her sister, Judy Tarpley, during an all-out brawl at Hunters Funeral Home after they said goodbye to their mother at her funeral service. The argument was reportedly over dividing up property. Willis is charged with two counts of domestic assault.

DUI: Soldier charged after medical records reveal .171 BAC, months after crash — Jaydon Coon

22-year-old Jaydon Coon is charged with DUI. The THP subpoenaed his medical records after a crash on Cooks Road in Mt. Juliet on June 18th. Records show he was intoxicated by more than double the legal limit in Tennessee at the time of the crash.