Woman charged with stealing $12.84 worth of nail care products from Walmart.

Mt. Juliet Police say 31-year-old Jennie Leah Sloan walked into Walmart and walked out with $12.84 worth of nail care products without paying.

Theft of Merchandise – that’s the charge for the 31-year old who was observed walking out the front door of the Walmart store at 300 Pleasant Grove Road on September 10th. Police say she went to the cosmetics section, selected 2 nail care products worth a total of $12.84, and walked out the front door without attempting to pay for the items, which were still in her hands.

Jennie Leah Sloan (WCSO)
Jennie Leah Sloan (WCSO)

Jennis Sloan was booked into the Wilson County jail, charged with theft of merchandise, and released on her own recognizance. She is scheduled to appear in court in November.

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