Teen charged with DUI, tries to hide marijuana container on way to jail

18-year-old Scout Walker was charged with underage consumption, driving under the influence, possession of drug paraphernalia, and tampering with evidence after he was pulled over on a light law violation and was found to be intoxicated. On the way to jail, he attempted to conceal a container with marijuana residue.

Mt. Juliet ‘reckless driver’ admits to using drugs earlier in the day

30-year-old Joshua McKenzie was charged with driving under the influence after police responded to a call about a reckless driver and when he was found in a parking lot, he pretended that he hit a rock in the road. He then admitted to taking Suboxone and smoking marijuana earlier in the day.

Lebanon man found with heroin in his underwear after being charged with DUI

22-year-old Tanner Roberts was charged with driving under the influence, possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license when an off duty cop conducted a traffic stop and he admitted to smoking marijuana and taking kratom before he started driving.

Lebanon man tells on himself again; charged with paraphernalia and public intoxication

20-year-old Caster Williams was charged with public intoxication and paraphernalia when officers were called to a Dollar General in regard to suspicious persons. He was also charged with paraphernalia in March.

Lebanon woman charged with DUI after leaving the roadway and hitting a tree

34-year old Chesney Kellow was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license when the vehicle she was driving left the roadway and collided with a tree on Central Pike.

Lebanon man admits to having marijuana in his car, but police only find heroin

27-year-old Cody Dunnam charged with possession of heroin told police that he had marijuana in the car when pulled over for talking on a cellphone while driving and asked if they could search his vehicle. No marijuana was found, just heroin.

Traffic stop on interstate yields DUI, drug charges for Cookeville man

45-year-old Jason Robertson was charged with driving under the influence, possession of marijuana, and possession of a legend drug after he was observed on Interstate 40 swerving in and out and was found to be intoxicated and in possession of marijuana and pills without a prescription.

Antioch speeder charged with suspected cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana after zooming past officer

39-year-old Rosh Copeland was charged with reckless driving under the influence, implied consent and possession of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and drug paraphernalia when he zoomed past a patrol officer on Interstate 40 West.

Nashville woman charged with possession during traffic stop in Wilson County

29-year-old Amanda Richardson was charged with possession of fentanyl for resale and drug paraphernalia after a traffic stop and the odor of marijuana led to officers finding a zip lock bag that contained fentanyl and a cut straw in her purse.

Lebanon man involved in single-car accident charged with possession

41-year-old Christopher Deubel was charged with possession of marijuana for resale and drug paraphernalia after being involved in a single-car accident and officers discovered an open safe inside the vehicle containing 5 ounces of marijuana and a backpack containing a digital scale. On March 23rd, Trooper Ware responded to a single-car accident on Trousdale Ferry Road. The driver of the vehicle, Christopher Deubel, was already being detained by Wilson County deputies when the trooper arrived. Deubel was placed in the back of the trooper’s vehicle to conduct an investigation. Trooper…