Lebanon homeless man strangles ex-girlfriend and steals her phone

37-year-old William Poindexter was charged with domestic assault and theft of property after he borrowed his ex-girlfriend’s cell phone and then grabbed her by the throat after she saw him scrolling through her messages.

Lebanon duo takes Jeep Cherokee for a test drive and fails to return it

39-year-old Jacquez Harden was charged for theft of property after he test drove a 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Select Auto In Lebanon and failed to return it.

Mt. Juliet man found with stolen trailer driving on suspended license

39-year-old Robert Beydler was charged with theft of property and driving on a suspended license when a plate reader system alerted authorities to a stolen trailer and he was found driving with the trailer and without a license.

Teen almost wrecks into off duty detective while arguing with girlfriend, popping off shots

19-year-old Savion Jackson-Spencer was charged with domestic assault, marijuana possession, suspended license and theft when he almost crashed head-on into an off duty detective because he was arguing with his girlfriend and popping off shots.

Woman writes “I have Herpes” on girlfriend’s car and tosses keys in woods

31-year-old Heather Mcclain was arrested for theft of property when she threw her girlfriends keys into the woods and vandalized her car. This is the third time Mcclain has been arrested for a domestic dispute with the victim, Jocelyn Jefferson.

Maynardville man charged after police find him in a stolen rental car with heroin and syringes

30-year-old Justin Collins was charged with theft, paraphernalia and possession of heroin when an automatic license plate recognition system found a vehicle that had been stolen February 25th from a Nashville Avis. He was driving the vehicle and the heroin was found under the driver’s seat.

Man threatens women over ten dollars; charged with assault and theft in separate incidents

39-year-old Phillip Hirst was charged with two counts of assault after he threatened two women for not paying him $10 to give them a ride across town. In a separate incident five days later, he was charged with theft of property after he was observed driving and parking a vehicle that was reported stolen three days prior.

Couple accused of vehicle boost while already cruising in a stolen vehicle

19-year-old Joseph Adair and 20-year-old Alexis Binkley were charged with theft of property when it was realized the car they were driving while leaving the scene of another suspected boost, had already been reported stolen.

Walgreens pharmacy tech admits to pocketing pills

37-year-old Amanda Daniels is charged with theft of property after stealing pills from the Walgreens she worked at on South Cumberland St. in Lebanon, TN.

Man charged with stealing hundreds of pallets & selling them to a local business

DETAILS: 21-year-old Dylan Matthew Maleby is free on $1,000 bond after police say he and accomplice Kyle Largent have been stealing hundreds of pallets and selling them to make money.