Lebanon man found with heroin in his underwear after being charged with DUI

22-year-old Tanner Roberts was charged with driving under the influence, possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license when an off duty cop conducted a traffic stop and he admitted to smoking marijuana and taking kratom before he started driving.

Lebanon duo takes Jeep Cherokee for a test drive and fails to return it

39-year-old Jacquez Harden was charged for theft of property after he test drove a 2015 Jeep Cherokee from Select Auto In Lebanon and failed to return it.

Franklin man jailed for 2nd DUI after shooting up heroin behind the wheel

24-year-old Darrin Schmidt was charged with his 2nd DUI and driving on a revoked license when officers found him nodding off in a vehicle and his passenger Madison Nicole Neely confirmed he had shot up heroin.

New Jersey couple caught with meth, cocaine, Xanax and heroin at Mt. Juliet hotel

35-year-old Kelsey Peterson was charged with possession when cocaine and Xanax were discovered in her vaginal cavity during a booking search. 43-year-old Christopher Kramer was charged with possession of meth, Xanax, heroin, and drug paraphernalia when officers were called to a local Quality Inn.

Lebanon man admits to having marijuana in his car, but police only find heroin

27-year-old Cody Dunnam charged with possession of heroin told police that he had marijuana in the car when pulled over for talking on a cellphone while driving and asked if they could search his vehicle. No marijuana was found, just heroin.

Violation of Lebanon man’s probation results in multiple drug charges

24-year-old Bailey Underwood was charged for having a weapon, suboxone, heroin, and marijuana while he was on probation. There was a warrant out for his arrest for violation of probation which led an officer to his hotel room to find enough heroin and suboxone to charge him with intent to sell.

Man sad after his friend snitches on him for heroin possession

54-year-old Darrell Conatser was charged with possession of heroin after a passenger in the same vehicle pointed to him and told officers “he has dope”.

54-year-old partygoer forgets all the ecstasy, meth and crack in carelessly parked vehicle

54-year-old Darryl Box was charged with drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, possession of heroin, possession of ecstasy, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine for resale, and possession of marijuana for resale after officers found paraphernalia in his vehicle while investigating a burglary call. On March 11th, police were dispatched for a possible burglary at 149 Walnut Way in Lebanon. While searching the vehicles in the vicinity, officers located a questionable vehicle parked in the driveway of 259 Walnut Way. According to affidavits, Glen Pitts had…

Woman busted after she allows officer to search purse so she can sit in his patrol vehicle

35-year-old Aja Graves was charged with possession of a schedule I drug, possession of a schedule II drug, possession of a schedule III drug, and drug paraphernalia after allowing a deputy to search her purse so that she could sit in his patrol vehicle.

Man found near Plaza 231 Inn says he took heroin and Xanax charged with public intoxication

19-year-old Joseph Adair was charged with public intoxication after he was found acting erratic, jumping up and down, waving his hands near the roadway next to the Plaza 231 Inn.