Correctional deputy observes Nashville man insert heroin into his rectum, per report

feat Corley Shaquille

27-year-old Shaquille Corley was charged with possession of heroin after he was placed into booking for a failure to appear warrant then strip-searched where deputies found heroin in his rectum.

“I will take care of you and no one will find the body,” man texts drug thief out on bond

38-year-old John Davis was charged with three counts of violating an order of protection after sending threatening texts, stalking a girl, and was later charged with attempted burglary and possession of heroin.

Man found disoriented behind wheel on HWY 109 with heroin and needles

49-year-old Danny Williams II was charged with driving under the influence and simple possession after falling unconscious on Highway 109 and performing poorly on field sobriety tests.

Woman admitted that the plastic box found in her crotch during booking contained heroin

38-year-old Mavis Mayo was charged with driving on revoked and possession of heroin when WPD pulled her over for having her high beams on and then found heroin on her after they transported her to booking.

Mt. Juliet woman caught with heroin during traffic stop for expired tags

feat Clark Rachelle

38-year old Rachelle Clark was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia after the vehicle she was in was pulled over for expired tags and was subsequently searched by a K-9 unit.

Nashville woman admits to having heroin in her groin after being arrested

27-year-old Lucaya Williams was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia after a Wilson County deputy recognized her as having an active warrant and pulled her over.

Lebanon man busted with heroin at the Travel Inn

26-year-old Caleb Davis was charged with possession of heroin after officers made contact with him at Travel Inn and found 12 grams of heroin on him during a search.

Man mistakenly sends drug deal text to Lebanon Police detective

28-year-old Anthony Willard was charged with criminal attempt, possession of suboxone, and possession of paraphernalia after he mistakenly sent a drug deal text to a Lebanon detective. Police set up a sting and found him with $90 in cash and a single suboxone pill.

Passenger of woman stopped for active warrants caught with heroin during search

feat Earegood, Stephanie

34-year-old Stephanie Earegood was charged with possession of Heroin a schedule I drug when officers executed a warrant for the driver and a bag with brown powder was discovered in her purse during a vehicle search.

Heroin and meth found in man’s wallet when stopped for ID check

41-year-old Charles Hughes was charged with possession of heroin and meth when police stopped him in a parking lot for an identification check, was found to have an active warrant, and was subsequently searched.