Intoxicated driver found passed out in running vehicle in stranger’s driveway

feat Smith, Jason

53-year-old Jason Smith was charged with driving under the influence and violating the implied consent law after officers found him passed out behind the wheel of his running vehicle that was parked in a stranger’s driveway.

Lebanon man charged with DUI changes story on how many beers he had

feat Perry, Jon

22-year-old Jon Perry was charged with driving under the influence when a state trooper witnessed him swerving in and out of traffic. When stopped, he admitted to having one beer, then three beers, and then four beers.

Intoxicated man calls police when he runs out of gas, then asks to take blood test during arrest

feat Oneal, Robert

31-year-old Robert Oneal was charged with DUI after he called police because he ran out gas and was stranded, and was then observed to be intoxicated. While being detained, he asked the officer if he could take a blood test.

Lebanon man crashes his vehicle and admits to police that he drank before driving

22-year-old Tyler Higdon was charged with a DUI after he crashed and admitted to drinking alcohol prior to driving, per report.

Chief of Staff to POTUS advisor charged with 3rd DUI at The Goat

36-year-old Randi Butler was charged with her third driving under the influence when authorities found her unresponsive behind the wheel of a running vehicle at The Goat. Butler’s social media claims she’s the Chief of Staff for Reagan/Trump advisor Arthur Laffer.

Man found passed out behind the wheel in Taco Bell drive-thru

49-year-old Ryan Shaw was charged with a DUI when he was found passed out behind the wheel in the drive-thru of Taco Bell and ran his vehicle over the curb after waking up.

Murfreesboro man admits to drinking two 25 ounce beers during traffic stop

47-year-old Darrell Alexander was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license when he was pulled over for running a stop sign and when police asked him if he was intoxicated, he said “long distance, yes, but not to cross the road.”

Reckless driver found with various drugs and a foamy mouth after car accident

46-year-old Melissa Anderson was charged with DUI, possession of drug paraphernalia, driving on a revoked license, and three counts of simple possession after she was involved in a car accident and was found to be in possession of several drugs and a foamy mouth, per report.

Lebanon woman charged with DUI after almost causing crash

24-year-old Katherine Johnson was charged with driving under the influence when an officer noticed her failure to yield and almost cause a wreck. She could not complete field sobriety tasks.

Incident involving stolen plates concludes in cooler full of paraphernalia

36-year-old Jacob Wilson was charged with stolen license plates, driving on a revoked license, and possession of drug paraphernalia after attaching a license plate belonging to another vehicle. Police later recovered a cooler containing two scales, cut straws, a pill grinder, two pipes, and small empty containers inside.