DUI: Man offers to f-*- Watertown Police Officer “in the booty” during rant after arrest — Arthur Robinson

73 in a 45 mph zone, which was the most exciting moment the tiny town of 1500’s police department had for the entire week. After officer Nick Deck made the arrest for DUI, Robinson decided to unleash a verbal assault on Officer Deck, offering to “f— you in the booty”, and detailing what a “sad b—-” the officer was. It’s so graphic, you’ll have to click for the details…

DUI: Woman says husband’s “hand on her leg” caused her to swerve on the road — Hayleigh ‘Marge’ Ribbons

Officer Berger conducted a traffic stop at 3 a.m. on September 5th after observing a vehicle weaving, swerving, and unable to maintain a consistent speed. As he approached the vehicle the driver, 22-year-old Margaret ‘Marge’ Hayleigh Ribbons, asked to speak to the officer away from her male passenger. Once at the rear of the car, she explained they had just left Whiskey River Bar and the man in the vehicle was her husband and he had his “hand on her leg” which was causing her to weave in and out of the lanes of travel.

DUI: 66-year-old had a double-shot of Jamison, a Bushwhacker, and a loaded gun in her purse — Carol Burlison

66-year-old Carol Ann Burlison crashed on McCrary Rd as she was driving home from a friend’s house. As police responded to the crash, she was determined to be heavily intoxicated, and admitted to having a double-shot of Jamison, a Bushwhacker, and admitted to having a gun in her purse with a round chambered. After being booked into jail she was released on her own recognizance.

National Guardsman DUI: “I’m done with tests, take me to jail” — Jason Davis arrested

35-year-old Jason Duane Davis was pulled over on I-840 by THP after he used the median to turn around. He admitted to drinking earlier in the day, and in the middle of field sobriety tests, stated “I’m done with tests, take me to jail!” The THP Trooper obliged, with a stop for a blood draw along the way. Davis is free on a $500 bond.

DUI: Cumberland football player found asleep behind wheel of car at intersection — Tonnor Segree

20-year-old Cumberland University football tight end Tonnor Woods Segree is charged with DUI and underage alcohol consumption after police say he was found asleep behind the wheel of his vehicle while heavily intoxicated. Police found beer cans in the vehicle and booked him into the Wilson County Jail after he showed impairment on multiple field sobriety tests. He was released on his own recognizance.

Drive-Thru DUI: Woman charged after altercation in McDonald’s drive-thru line — Shelby Marie Anderson

24-year-old Shelby Marie Anderson is charged with DUI after an off-duty officer observed her get into an altercation with another individual while she was in the drive-thru line at McDonald’s on S. Cumberland in Lebanon.

Nashville Officer arrested for DUI was attempting suicide with duty weapon after breakup, court documents reveal

Metro Nashville Police issued a simple statement that one of their officers had been dismissed after he was charged with DUI when his “pickup truck hit another vehicle’s side mirror, and he left the scene”. Court records show Officer Jerram Plastow had actually driven to an East Nashville Public Housing Community to commit suicide with his Glock 22 duty weapon after his girlfriend broke up with him. MNPD only disclosed the DUI narrative and did not release any of the other details on the mental stability of the 32-year-old officer they had recently given a gun and badge to protect the city.

DUI: Thomas Courtney tells MNPD he’s “in his bed” when found asleep behind the wheel in traffic

Mt. Juliet’s Thomas Courtney, 51, of Courtney’s Restaurant & Catering, told officers he thought he was “in his bed” when they found him asleep behind the wheel of a running car late Thursday night in Nashville, heavily intoxicated

Man misses turn and gets stuck, caught with four open beers on floorboard

24-year-old Colby Lebourgeois was charged with driving under the influence after police say he backed into an embankment and was found with four open Pabst beer containers in his vehicle.

Man found with half-empty bottle of Kessler Whiskey during traffic stop

35-year-old Dustin Barnes was charged with DUI and driving on a revoked license after he failed to stay in his lane and was found with a partially consumed Kessler Whiskey bottle in his vehicle.