“Nervous and uneasy” man found with 17 Alprazolam bars

feat Collier Danion

31-year-old Damion Collier was charged with possession of Alprazolam after his refusal to consent to search during a traffic stop prompted the request of a K9 unit.

Man witnessed ditching heroin and pipes from window while being stopped

47-year-old Terrance Barr was charged with possession of meth, possession of heroin, driving on revoked, and tampering with evidence after he chucked drugs and paraphernalia out of both sides of his vehicle during a traffic stop. His girlfriend called and told Scoop: Wilson that he was being targeted.

Antioch man caught with stolen car during traffic stop for speeding

feat Turnan Daniel

31-year-old Daniel Turman was charged with theft of property, possession of heroin and meth, unlawful drug paraphernalia, and driving on a revoked license after he was pulled over for speeding in a stolen Dodge Challenger on Tate Road.

Woman admits to taking her meds and drinking before driving; charged with DUI

feat Pulley Elizabeth

38-year-old Elizabeth Pulley was charged with DUI when she reportedly struck a mailbox and continued to drive down Five Oaks Boulevard in Lebanon.

Plethora of pills, marijuana, and meth found in woman’s pants

30-year-old Janette Redd was charged with possession of oxycodone, drug paraphernalia, meth, marijuana, and hydrocodone after a deputy watched her stuff a gallon bag into her pants at a traffic stop.

Heroin snorting driver runs stop sign, blows front tires on spikes, and hits police car

feat Cason Marquelius

27-year-old Marquelius Cason was charged with aggravated assault, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, DUI, and evading arrest after running a stop sign and snorting heroin while driving.

Man found disoriented behind wheel on HWY 109 with heroin and needles

49-year-old Danny Williams II was charged with driving under the influence and simple possession after falling unconscious on Highway 109 and performing poorly on field sobriety tests.

Man stopped for driving on a revoked license; has amphetamine in center console

45-year-old Corey Miller was charged with simple possession and driving on a revoked license after an LPD officer noticed a suspicious vehicle registered to a revoked driver.

Mt. Juliet woman caught with heroin during traffic stop for expired tags

feat Clark Rachelle

38-year old Rachelle Clark was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia after the vehicle she was in was pulled over for expired tags and was subsequently searched by a K-9 unit.

Gallatin woman found passed out in running vehicle with weed and loaded gun

26-year-old Chandler Burroughs was charged with DUI, possession of a firearm while intoxicated, and possession of marijuana and paraphernalia when police found her asleep at the wheel while her car was still in drive.