Riddleton man blames passenger for possession of meth, heroin

34-year-old Timothy Wilson was charged with possession of heroin for resale, possession of meth with intent, and drug paraphernalia. Wilson’s charges originate from speeding on I-40 East and ordering his passenger to hide methamphetamine on her person.

Lebanon woman charged with meth possession after police find her wandering down a roadway

35-year-old Jennifer Lester was charged with having methamphetamine when police found her near a roadway and found out that she had an active warrant.

New Jersey couple caught with meth, cocaine, Xanax and heroin at Mt. Juliet hotel

35-year-old Kelsey Peterson was charged with possession when cocaine and Xanax were discovered in her vaginal cavity during a booking search. 43-year-old Christopher Kramer was charged with possession of meth, Xanax, heroin, and drug paraphernalia when officers were called to a local Quality Inn.

Woman charged with possession of meth, drug paraphernalia after stop for expired tags

33-year-old Cayla Schneider was charged with simple possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after being pulled over for expired tags that leads to officers discovering an outstanding warrant and several drug-related items in her vehicle.

‘Body fold’ reveals hidden half-ounce of meth during traffic stop

Police say 37-year-old Brandon Gurley had 5 bags of methamphetamine, totaling a half-ounce, in the folds of his body. They were discovered during a traffic stop for following too close.

54-year-old partygoer forgets all the ecstasy, meth and crack in carelessly parked vehicle

54-year-old Darryl Box was charged with drug paraphernalia, possession of a firearm while committing a felony, possession of heroin, possession of ecstasy, possession of methamphetamine, possession of cocaine for resale, and possession of marijuana for resale after officers found paraphernalia in his vehicle while investigating a burglary call. On March 11th, police were dispatched for a possible burglary at 149 Walnut Way in Lebanon. While searching the vehicles in the vicinity, officers located a questionable vehicle parked in the driveway of 259 Walnut Way. According to affidavits, Glen Pitts had…

Woman found half-naked hiding in bathroom

29-year-old Whitney Morse was charged with possession of methamphetamine, possession of marijuana, and criminal trespassing after being found hiding in the bathroom of Sompo International wearing only a shirt, bra, and jacket.

Routine traffic stop reveals crystal meth in buttcrack, police say.

46-year-old Terri Bishop & 47-year-old Clifford Banks both face a litany of drug charges after a routine traffic stop revealed a rubber-topped container of crystal meth in someone’s “buttcrack” as quoted in an arrest warrant, and other drugs in other places, including Heroin & Cocaine.

Black Tar Heroin & Meth found in Mt. Juliet traffic stop

Earl Fox, Jr., was too disoriented to provide his identification during a traffic stop, so he allowed an officer to retrieve it from the center console, where he located much more than just an ID card.