Nashville teen caught in stolen vehicle with the Devil’s lettuce

18-year-old Travontez Turner was charged with theft of property and possession of marijuana after he was caught in a stolen vehicle and a search of his persons resulted in finding a bud of marijuana.

Nashville man found in a stolen Mazda B2000; says it was lent to him by “Andy”

27-year-old Ryan Adams was charged with theft of property greater than $1000 when a license plate reader positively identified a stolen vehicle and he was questioned by an officer outside of Speedway.

Nashville woman admits to having heroin in her groin after being arrested

27-year-old Lucaya Williams was charged with possession of heroin and drug paraphernalia after a Wilson County deputy recognized her as having an active warrant and pulled her over.

Teen pushes stepfather for getting involved in argument with his mother

feat Stinson, Levi

19-year-old Levi Stinson was charged with domestic assault after shoving his step father for getting in the middle of an argument between himself and his mother.

Lebanon man with toddler in his vehicle charged with DUI in Nashville

36-year-old Daniel Blake-Conely was charged with a DUI when he swayed in a circular motion while standing after an officer observed him halfway on the shoulder of I-24, in reverse, with a two-year-old in the vehicle.

Man falls out of wheelchair, pulls stolen gun on woman during argument

feat Melendez Juan

25-year-old Juan Melendez was charged with theft of property and unlawful possession of a firearm when was in an argument with a woman that involved a stolen handgun, per report.

Whites Creek man caught with stolen rental car in Mt. Juliet

27-year-old Jacques Auston was charged with theft of property after he was caught on Benders Ferry Road in Mt. Juliet with a vehicle he rented from Avis Car Rental at Nashville International Airport that was scheduled to be returned on June 16th.

Nashville man caught in Mt. Juliet driving stolen vehicle

20-year-old Rebar Hussein was charged with theft of property when Mt. Juliet Police caught him driving a vehicle that was reported stolen on June 22nd in Davidson County.

Murfreesboro musician charged with first DUI in Lebanon

21-year-old Kathryn Caggianelli was charged with driving under the influence following an admittance to drinking in Nashville before being stopped on Murfreesboro Rd. The charge serves as the first offense of DUI for Caggianelli, who is an American singer-songwriter based in Murfreesboro.

Mt. Juliet man pins and scratches lover following claims of infidelity

40-year-old Seneca Webb was charged with domestic assault after pinning, scratching and pushing his off-and-on girlfriend in a hotel room during a conversation about their relationship.