Intoxicated Man hides in Stoners Creek after he busts girlfriend’s lip

feat Hudson James

44-year-old James Hudson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after he punched his girlfriend in the face, leaving her with “a busted lip” and a “possible broken nose,” and ran into a nearby creek afterward.

Man’s day drinking led to girlfriend getting jabbed in the eye

30-year-old Joseph Cinelli was charged with domestic assault after shoving and punching his girlfriend in the eye during an argument while his 10-year-old daughter watched.

Senior citizen assaulted by grown son in an unprovoked attack

feat Shao Matthew

33-year-old Matthew Shao was charged with domestic assault after he admitted to police that he hit his 66-year-old father during an argument.

Woman destroys home and antagonizes husband

34-year-old Shonna Huntsman was charged with domestic assault after destroying items around her house and antagonizing her husband while they were engaged in an argument.

Man scratches girlfriend’s arms when she leaves his clothes in the living room for him to collect

56-year-old Thomas Massey was charged with domestic assault after busting through his girlfriend’s bedroom door, waking her, and scratching her up.

Repeat offender violates conditions of release when found with unconscious girlfriend

36-year-old Jeremy Rhodes was charged with domestic assault, disorderly conduct, and filing a false report after police conducted a welfare check on his girlfriend and found him at the residence with her bruised, unconscious, and requiring Narcan.

Woman pushes husband after he flushes her wedding ring down the toilet

43-year-old Stephanie Perkins was charged with domestic assault after she had a verbal altercation with her husband which resulted in him flushing her wedding ring and her pushing him.

Dispute between roommates over remote gets physical

59-year-old Tammy Lake was charged with domestic assault when a verbal argument with her roommate over a TV remote became physical and she threw her on the floor.

Man violates business owner warnings as well as conditions of release

56-year-old George Snider was charged with violation of CoR and criminal trespass after loitering in front of Discount Tobacco Outlet which he was previously warned about and “bothering” someone with whom he has a domestic history.

Lebanon man throws girlfriend against a wall over dirty dishes

feat Lewis Corey

33-year-old Corey Lewis was charged with assault, vandalism, and interference with emergency calls when he assaulted his girlfriend and broke her phone.