DUI: Man offers to f-*- Watertown Police Officer “in the booty” during rant after arrest — Arthur Robinson

73 in a 45 mph zone, which was the most exciting moment the tiny town of 1500’s police department had for the entire week. After officer Nick Deck made the arrest for DUI, Robinson decided to unleash a verbal assault on Officer Deck, offering to “f— you in the booty”, and detailing what a “sad b—-” the officer was. It’s so graphic, you’ll have to click for the details…

Man charged with 9th DUI after driving on unidentified prescription meds and beer

54-year-old Sammy Beachboard was charged with driving under the influence after he reportedly crashed his vehicle while driving on prescription medication and a 30-ounce beer.

Intoxicated man charged after woman falls off the back of his motorcycle

feat Jackson Connor

21-year-old Connor Jackson was charged with driving under the influence and violation of implied consent law after he flew past a police officer on South Cumberland and a female passenger fell off the back of his motorcycle, per the affidavit.

Man charged after being found passed out in vehicle with three grams of meth

39-year-old Sean McMahon was charged with driving under the influence and possession of methamphetamine after a citizen advised officers that he had been passed out in his vehicle for approximately seven hours and a search revealed a can of beer and three grams of meth.

Florida man charged after opening fire during argument with his girlfriend

23-year-old Christopher Allen was charged with aggravated assault, reckless endangerment, driving under the influence, and driving without a license after he cracked his girlfriend in the mouth and fired his weapon into the air.

ICE detainee caught after hit and run incident

feat Ramos Lemus Fredy

29-year-old Fredy Ramos Lemus was charged with driving under the influence and driving without a license after a witness reported that he had driven in the oncoming lane numerous times and was involved in a hit and run on Golden Bear Gateway in Mt. Juliet.

Woman admits to taking her meds and drinking before driving; charged with DUI

feat Pulley Elizabeth

38-year-old Elizabeth Pulley was charged with DUI when she reportedly struck a mailbox and continued to drive down Five Oaks Boulevard in Lebanon.

Concerned bystander tells police two women are slumped in vehicle; driver charged with DUI

26-year-old Destiny Herron was charged with DUI after she and a passenger were found slouched over in the front seat of her vehicle with the keys in the ignition and an open beer bottle in the cupholder.

Man admits that he wanted to kill himself to police after wrecking his vehicle; charged with DUI

49-year-old Christopher Ennis was charged with driving under the influence and implied consent after he crashed his vehicle then told officers that he had been drinking all day.

Mt. Juliet man admits to drinking a bottle of Canada Mist whiskey before driving #DUI

52-year-old David Eakes was charged with leaving the scene, DUI, and implied consent after he hit another vehicle, told the officer that he had been drinking, and said that he would fight anyone who tried to take his blood.