Watertown man racks up seven charges after smashing mall sign, fleeing on flat tire

19-year-old James Sanders was charged with DUI, vandalism, failure to report crash, implied consent violation, leaving scene with property damage, driving on suspended license, and tampering with evidence when authorities were alerted to someone inebriated and attempting to change a tire after destroying the Outlet Village Mall sign.

Antioch speeder charged with suspected cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana after zooming past officer

39-year-old Rosh Copeland was charged with reckless driving under the influence, implied consent and possession of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and drug paraphernalia when he zoomed past a patrol officer on Interstate 40 West.

Traffic stop leads to DUI charge for Lebanon man

31-year-old Jonathan Gillis was charged with DUI after he was stopped for speeding while driving home from Nashville.

Lebanon man crashes on field sobriety test; charged with DUI

28-year-old Michael Morris was charged with DUI and driving on a suspended license after he was involved in a single-vehicle accident and officers noticed his lethargic behavior, droopy eyelids, and single red runny nostril that lead to a failed field sobriety test.

Man charged with DUI after spilling gas; drove off in reverse

21-year-old Samuel Schaumann was charged with DUI and possession of a handgun while under the influence after he spilled gas everywhere while trying to fill up at a local Exxon and then driving off in reverse.

“I’m getting mad, just arrest me!”; officer obliges

29-year-old Eric Deleon was charged with possession of marijuana, driving under the influence, and driving on a suspended license after he was found passed out in a vehicle that was parked in a handicap spot.

Man with flat tire and missing mirror charged with DUI

23-year-old Mitchell Burnham was charged with driving under the influence, first offense when he was pulled over for swerving on West Main Street in Lebanon.

Woman charged with DUI and resisting arrest after almost hitting state trooper

28-year-old Courtney Murphy was charged with DUI, implied consent, resisting arrest, and tampering with evidence after almost hitting a state trooper, becoming disorderly during a field sobriety test, and refusing to obey a search warrant order for a blood test.

Man flags down police; gets arrested for DUI

55-year-old Raymond Heitz was charged with DUI after he flagged down an officer to assist him and the officer found him to be impaired, according to the affidavit.

Officers find partially smoked blunt in cupholder; woman charged with DUI

23-year-old Anna Rhodes was charged with DUI and simple possession after police conducted a traffic stop because she was crossing over the centerline between lanes while she was driving.