Senior citizen assaulted by grown son in an unprovoked attack

feat Shao Matthew

33-year-old Matthew Shao was charged with domestic assault after he admitted to police that he hit his 66-year-old father during an argument.

Woman’s vehicle “hit” by K-9 Jax during clear air search for meth

27-year-old Brittany Nicole Larue was charged with possession of meth after K-9 Jax “hit” her vehicle during an open air sniff at Walmart in Lebanon and was found with the substance.

Lebanon man arrested for being intoxicated while sleeping in his car

29-year-old Jiaqi Huang was charged with driving under the influence after he was found sleeping in his car by police responding to a call about a suspicious vehicle.

Lebanon woman on felony probation caught with meth in Southland Motel

33-year-old Ashley Sneed was charged with manufacture, sale, delivery of methamphetamine, and paraphernalia when officers were called to her hotel room regarding drug activity and they were able to see the paraphernalia from the door.

Woman destroys home and antagonizes husband

34-year-old Shonna Huntsman was charged with domestic assault after destroying items around her house and antagonizing her husband while they were engaged in an argument.

Man has meth when he attempts to shoplift a trail cam at Walmart

42-year-old Samuel Parsons was charged with theft, possession of methamphetamine, and drug paraphernalia after stuffing a trail cam in his pocket while carrying drugs on his person.

Man scratches girlfriend’s arms when she leaves his clothes in the living room for him to collect

56-year-old Thomas Massey was charged with domestic assault after busting through his girlfriend’s bedroom door, waking her, and scratching her up.

Nashville man found passed out in the driveway of THW Insurance

26-year-old Ducas Frazier was charged with public intoxication after falling asleep in the driveway of THW Insurance and telling officers he had been up for two days straight with no sleep.

Woman arrested at Vivrett boat dock for being near smell of marijuana and drinking beer

38-year-old Cynthia Crumpler was charged with public intoxication after an officer observed her near the smell of marijuana and found a beer can beside her.

Man found drunk, walking in road after nurses at hospital “took too long”

John Carr (WCSO)

66-year-old John Carr was charged with public intoxication after Lebanon officers found him on a drunken walk from the hospital.