Mt. Juliet man charged after son’s mother says he hurt her and wouldn’t let her leave during visit

30-year-old Jherad Holcomb was charged with false imprisonment, domestic assault, and violation of order of protection a woman told police he hit her and wouldn’t let her leave after she brought their son over for a visit.

Interstate 40 accident results in drug and gun charges for Winchester woman

52-year-old Deanna Weaver was charged with possession of heroin, driving under the influence, possession of a firearm while under the influence, and possession of drug paraphernalia when a vehicle she was driving was involved in an accident near mile marker 235.

Woman charged with disorderly conduct, resisting arrest was found “talking out of her head”

46-year-old Stacy Sullivan was charged with disorderly conduct, public intoxication, and resisting arrest when a deputy discovered her to be intoxicated, loud, and unruly at Shutes Branch boat ramp.

Lebanon man charged after girlfriend said he slammed her head into a wall, stabbed a door

36-year-old Richard Edwards was charged with domestic assault when his girlfriend told authorities that she was “a whore just like her mother” before slamming her head into a wall and stabbing a door.

Man charged after police find drink up his sleeve and candy in his pants

18-year-old Ruben McLemore was charged with theft of merchandise when police and loss prevention caught him with $7.29 worth of merchandise. He had a drink can up his sleeve and candy stowed in his pants.

Antioch speeder charged with suspected cocaine, ecstasy, marijuana after zooming past officer

39-year-old Rosh Copeland was charged with reckless driving under the influence, implied consent and possession of marijuana, ecstasy, cocaine and drug paraphernalia when he zoomed past a patrol officer on Interstate 40 West.

Man punches puppy and wife, threatens to shoot both of them, charged with aggravated domestic

30-year-old Ronald Mickle was charged with aggravated domestic assault after he got drunk, beat up a puppy, and put a gun to his wife’s temple.

Lebanon teen charged with criminal trespass for scoping out cars with a group of friends

18-year-old Autumn Ford was charged with criminal trespassing after she and a group of friends were caught in the Fed Ex parking lot attempting to burgle unlocked vehicles.

Man threatens women over ten dollars; charged with assault and theft in separate incidents

39-year-old Phillip Hirst was charged with two counts of assault after he threatened two women for not paying him $10 to give them a ride across town. In a separate incident five days later, he was charged with theft of property after he was observed driving and parking a vehicle that was reported stolen three days prior.

Man charged with assault after ex-girlfriend says he threw her TV, hung up on 911

23-year-old Trevon Allen was charged with domestic assault and interfering with an emergency call when his ex-girlfriend told police he threw her television across the room, jumped on her while hitting her in the face and arms, and hung up on 911 dispatch when she called for help.