Goodlettsville man’s failure to appear warrant leads to drug charges

feat Bolling, Daniel

28-year-old Daniel Bolling was charged with failure to appear, possession of heroin and suboxone, and unlawful drug paraphernalia when officers attempted to arrest him on a previous warrant, and there were scattered drugs and drug paraphernalia in the room.

Heroin falls from woman’s vagina during “squat and cough” at Wilson County Jail

34-year-old Anya Curtis was charged with possession of heroin for resale, drug paraphernalia, and contraband in a penal facility when she was pulled over and a K9 officer found a glass pipe and powder in her vehicle. During booking and subsequent “squat and cough”, around 5 grams of heroin fell from her vagina.

Riddleton man blames passenger for possession of meth, heroin

34-year-old Timothy Wilson was charged with possession of heroin for resale, possession of meth with intent, and drug paraphernalia. Wilson’s charges originate from speeding on I-40 East and ordering his passenger to hide methamphetamine on her person.

Lebanon man found with heroin in his underwear after being charged with DUI

22-year-old Tanner Roberts was charged with driving under the influence, possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and driving on a suspended license when an off duty cop conducted a traffic stop and he admitted to smoking marijuana and taking kratom before he started driving.

Aliens were coming for her, woman tells police before being found with heroin

36-year-old Ashley Dyer told police that “aliens were coming to get her and worms were coming out of her skin” before she was charged with possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, and public intoxication.

Lebanon man admits to having marijuana in his car, but police only find heroin

27-year-old Cody Dunnam charged with possession of heroin told police that he had marijuana in the car when pulled over for talking on a cellphone while driving and asked if they could search his vehicle. No marijuana was found, just heroin.

Maynardville man charged after police find him in a stolen rental car with heroin and syringes

30-year-old Justin Collins was charged with theft, paraphernalia and possession of heroin when an automatic license plate recognition system found a vehicle that had been stolen February 25th from a Nashville Avis. He was driving the vehicle and the heroin was found under the driver’s seat.

Lebanon man charged with heroin possession after being found disorderly and intoxicated

39-year-old John Crass was charged with possession of heroin and driving under the influence after he was reported for being disorderly and was found to be intoxicated, which led to officers finding heroin in his wallet during a search.

Lebanon man revived after heroin use; charged again at booking

34-year-old Gary Love was charged with drug paraphernalia, possession of heroin, driving under the influence, driving on a revoked license, and introduction of drugs into a penal facility after he was reported to be driving dangerously and an officer found him unconscious after ingesting heroin.