Disorderly woman tries to bite security guards at Cahoots

feat Netherton Angel

38-year-old Angel Netherton was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after screaming, cursing, and trying to bite the security guards at Cahoots.

Wrongway driver found with empty fifth of vodka and Tramadol

39-year-old Christopher Huggins was charged with his fourth DUI offense and possession of Tramadol when he was pulled over for almost striking a median and smelled of alcohol during the traffic stop.

Man stopped for driving on a revoked license; has amphetamine in center console

45-year-old Corey Miller was charged with simple possession and driving on a revoked license after an LPD officer noticed a suspicious vehicle registered to a revoked driver.

Man scratches girlfriend’s arms when she leaves his clothes in the living room for him to collect

56-year-old Thomas Massey was charged with domestic assault after busting through his girlfriend’s bedroom door, waking her, and scratching her up.

Nashville man found passed out in the driveway of THW Insurance

26-year-old Ducas Frazier was charged with public intoxication after falling asleep in the driveway of THW Insurance and telling officers he had been up for two days straight with no sleep.

Woman arrested at Vivrett boat dock for being near smell of marijuana and drinking beer

38-year-old Cynthia Crumpler was charged with public intoxication after an officer observed her near the smell of marijuana and found a beer can beside her.

Man found drunk, walking in road after nurses at hospital “took too long”

John Carr (WCSO)

66-year-old John Carr was charged with public intoxication after Lebanon officers found him on a drunken walk from the hospital.

Repeat offender charged with public intoxication

feat Purkerson Steven

39-year-old Steven Purkerson was charged with public intoxication when a Quik Stop employee reported a disorderly person.

Vehicle swerves across the center lines multiple times; driver admits to drinking 4 beers

37-year-old Kenton Huens was charged with driving under the influence when an officer witnessed his vehicle cross over the center line multiple times.

Dispute between roommates over remote gets physical

59-year-old Tammy Lake was charged with domestic assault when a verbal argument with her roommate over a TV remote became physical and she threw her on the floor.