Teen charged with harassment of girlfriend’s mother — Preston Johnson arrested

18-year-old Preston Johnson, of Mt. Juliet, is charged with the harassment of his (now ex) girlfriend’s mother, after allegedly using an app to text from different numbers, telling Ashley Bishop DoCarmo she was a horrible person, a bad mother, and she would not be around to see her daughter get married and have kids of her own. DoCarmo says she was in fear of her life. A judge released Johnson on his own recognizance.

DUI: Woman says husband’s “hand on her leg” caused her to swerve on the road — Hayleigh ‘Marge’ Ribbons

Officer Berger conducted a traffic stop at 3 a.m. on September 5th after observing a vehicle weaving, swerving, and unable to maintain a consistent speed. As he approached the vehicle the driver, 22-year-old Margaret ‘Marge’ Hayleigh Ribbons, asked to speak to the officer away from her male passenger. Once at the rear of the car, she explained they had just left Whiskey River Bar and the man in the vehicle was her husband and he had his “hand on her leg” which was causing her to weave in and out of the lanes of travel.

Lebanon man tells police that he drank some beer earlier; found at Don Fox Park

feat Muncie James

52-year-old James Muncie was charged with public intoxication after an officer arrived at Don Fox Park in reference to possible domestic assault between him and his girlfriend then he told the officer that he drank beer prior.

Woman states that she bloodied her ex’s lip in self-defense

feat Haskell Amara

35-year-old Amara Haskell was charged with domestic assault after she became angry at her ex-boyfriend then she began to throw objects at him and struck him in the face and neck.

Custody debacle turns violent; woman punches her brother and his wife in the face

38-year-old Charity Sams was charged with domestic assault after she punched her brother and his wife in the face and breaks their back door frame over child custody.

Hand shaped print left on juvenile’s face by her grandfather; charged with assault

74-year-old Hobart Tisdale was charged with domestic assault after he admitted to slapping his granddaughter in the face during an argument.

Patron shoves man to the ground; pushes women out of Mt. Juliet bar

feat Edmonds TImothy

33-year-old Timothy Edmonds was charged with multiple counts of assault after he shoved three people and refused them re-entry at USA Sports Grill, where he does not work.

Wife rampages against husband by striking him and shattering windows

feat Sanders Kelly

52-year-old Kelly Sanders was charged with domestic assault after she admitted to hitting her husband in the head and breaking the windows in their van.

Husband backhands woman while driving to town

feat Thompson William

35-year-old William Thompson was charged with domestic assault after he slapped his wife causing bruising and bleeding to her cheek area while driving.

Disorderly woman tries to bite security guards at Cahoots

feat Netherton Angel

38-year-old Angel Netherton was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct after screaming, cursing, and trying to bite the security guards at Cahoots.