Suspicious man caught with stolen items on Parkside Circle

35-year-old Brandon Austin was charged with four counts of vehicle burglary, three counts of theft, vandalism, and a prohibited weapon after reports were made of a suspicious person in the area and he was caught with items belonging to several different people.

Lebanon man throws girlfriend against a wall over dirty dishes

feat Lewis Corey

33-year-old Corey Lewis was charged with assault, vandalism, and interference with emergency calls when he assaulted his girlfriend and broke her phone.

Fugitive admits to having illegal items concealed in her underwear during traffic stop

21-year-old Adrianna Talley was charged with vandalism, possession of a schedule II drug (marijuana), and possession of a schedule VI drug (crack cocaine) when she was pulled over for a tint violation and a computer check revealed her to have an active vandalism warrant.

Portland man threatens to cut off woman’s limbs, throw her out of her vehicle, and drive off

feat Williams Isiah

30-year old Isaiah Williams of Portland, TN was charged with aggravated assault, aggravated kidnapping, vandalism, and violation of conditional release after a female companion flagged down a Mount Juliet Police Officer.

Man goes on a destructive rampage and steals over $1,000 worth of items

feat Green, Charles

20-year-old Charles Green was charged with vandalism, theft of property, and aggravated burglary after he broke into a residence and broke several items while stealing tools, electronics, and weapons.

Catfight results in head smashed onto pavement and death threat

29-year-old Tara Belcher was charged with theft of property, vandalism, and assault when she beat another woman’s head into the pavement over a dispute about a man and then threatened her with a gun.

Woman rear ends husband’s vehicle, rams police car with her kids present

32-year-old Mariam Banoub was charged with vandalism, two counts of reckless endangerment, and two counts of aggravated assault when she rear ended her husband’s vehicle during an argument, then rammed a police patrol vehicle while her two children were in the car.

Teen and two juveniles break into Nashville Speedway to race on the track

19-year-old Samuel Shind was charged with vandalism and aggravated criminal trespass when he and two juveniles broke into the Nashville Speedway to race on the track.

Enraged boyfriend punches and slams girlfriend, then rams her car

feat Denson, Noah

19-year-old Noah Denson was charged with domestic assault, reckless endangerment, and three counts of vandalism after punching his girlfriend in the face multiple times and then driving his car into the side of her vehicle causing damage to two other vehicles.

Lebanon man chipper after admitting to thumping soon to be ex-brother-in-law; per report

29-year-old Justin Page was charged with vandalism and domestic assault when he went to his soon to be ex-brother-in-law’s home, took off his shirt and thumped on him. He also broke a phone and sunglasses on his way out.