Enraged boyfriend punches and slams girlfriend, then rams her car

feat Denson, Noah

19-year-old Noah Denson was charged with domestic assault, reckless endangerment, and three counts of vandalism after punching his girlfriend in the face multiple times and then driving his car into the side of her vehicle causing damage to two other vehicles.

Lebanon man chipper after admitting to thumping soon to be ex-brother-in-law; per report

29-year-old Justin Page was charged with vandalism and domestic assault when he went to his soon to be ex-brother-in-law’s home, took off his shirt and thumped on him. He also broke a phone and sunglasses on his way out.

Road-raged woman avoids accident, bucks and pushes man in response

45-year-old Christiana Bruce was charged with assault for pulling over to a parking lot and pushing the victim who honked at her almost causing her to get into an accident.

Lebanon driver found with three grams of marijuana, hidden handgun

24-year-old Gavin Grantham was charged with possession of a firearm during the commission of a felony, possession of drug paraphernalia, and possession of marijuana with intent. Grantham’s charges stem from a routine traffic stop that concluded with three grams of weed and a hidden handgun in the center console.

Fugitive jailed after crashing car into hydrant while driving on a revoked license

45-year-old David Cox was charged with criminal impersonation, revoked driver’s license, and vandalism when he smashed a fire hydrant while driving on a revoked license. He also gave officers a false name because of an outstanding warrant.

Not-so-happy-meal: Antioch customer destroys McDonald’s cash register

46-year-old Ehab Malaty was charged with disorderly conduct and vandalism of a Mt. Juliet McDonald’s cash register in retaliation for an incorrect order.

Member of vandalizing duo sabotages laundromat coin drops but never takes money

29-year-old Travis Jones was charged with two counts of vandalism and criminal responsibility when on three separate occasions he and another man sabotaged equipment in a laundromat but never actually took money.

Man punches sister in the mouth and vandalizes the workplace of his child’s mother

21-year-old Robert White was charged with domestic assault, vandalism, and disorderly conduct after he hit his half-sister in the mouth causing her to bleed and then assaulted the mother of his child by shattering a window at her job.

Woman writes “I have Herpes” on girlfriend’s car and tosses keys in woods

31-year-old Heather Mcclain was arrested for theft of property when she threw her girlfriends keys into the woods and vandalized her car. This is the third time Mcclain has been arrested for a domestic dispute with the victim, Jocelyn Jefferson.

Lebanon teen charged in Nashville after breaking cheating boyfriend’s phone

18-year-old Alison Caruana was charged with vandalism when an anonymous message led her to discover her boyfriend’s infidelity. She hurled his phone at a wall and shattered it which lead to the charges.