Sweatshirt-grabbing man tries to stop girlfriend from leaving

feat Carter Charles

21-year-old Charles Carter was charged with domestic assault when he grabbed his girlfriend around her sweatshirt and tried to prevent her from going anywhere

Virginia man found with rifle that was stolen 16 years earlier

25-year-old Christopher James was charged with theft of property when he was stopped for speeding and police found a rifle that was stolen in a home burglary back in 2004.

Florida man breaks into hotel room after his sister was harassed to “take care of it without police”

28-year-old Tyler French was charged with aggravated burglary after his brother donkey kicked an air conditioner for French to enter a hotel room and threaten the occupants over his brother-in-law’s debt.

Intoxicated Man hides in Stoners Creek after he busts girlfriend’s lip

feat Hudson James

44-year-old James Hudson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after he punched his girlfriend in the face, leaving her with “a busted lip” and a “possible broken nose,” and ran into a nearby creek afterward.

Man “sick” of being ignored; charged with assault

25-year-old Daniel Barnes was charged with domestic assault after grabbing his girlfriend’s arm causing her to bump her head.

Trooper smells marijuana that Gordonsville woman denies is her vehicle

18-year-old Brooklyn Albritton was charged with possession of marijuana after a state trooper smelled marijuana during a traffic stop for her speeding.

Man drags girlfriend down steps into mud #DownandDirty

42-year-old Oliver Hill was charged with aggravated assault after he waved a gun at his girlfriend after assaulting her.

Three-peat shoplifter locked in Walmart after attempt to flee

29-year-old Nicole Williamson was charged with burglary and theft of merchandise after she was locked in a local Walmart for stealing women’s clothing.

Nashville teen caught in stolen vehicle with the Devil’s lettuce

18-year-old Travontez Turner was charged with theft of property and possession of marijuana after he was caught in a stolen vehicle and a search of his persons resulted in finding a bud of marijuana.

K-9 unit finds crack in felon’s waistband

feat Cooper Ricky

33-year-old Ricky Cooper was charged with possession of crack cocaine and drug paraphernalia after crack was found in his waistband during a traffic stop for a broken brake light.