Unhoused man threatens to shoot woman’s boyfriend with BB pistol

55-year-old Charles Pope was charged with aggravated assault, possession of a prohibited weapon, tampering with evidence, and vandalism after walking into a woman’s apartment without permission and threatening to shoot her boyfriend.

Woman found parked at a church with meth in her purse

24-year-old Destiny Tedrow was charged with possession of meth and drug paraphernalia after she gave police permission to search her vehicle, rendering pipes, plastic baggies, as well as meth.

Wife hospitalized after man bites her breast and wrestles her

30-year-old Gregory White was charged with domestic assault after biting his wife on the breast while wrestling over her phone.

Three-peat shoplifter locked in Walmart after attempt to flee

29-year-old Nicole Williamson was charged with burglary and theft of merchandise after she was locked in a local Walmart for stealing women’s clothing.

Woman pushes husband after he flushes her wedding ring down the toilet

43-year-old Stephanie Perkins was charged with domestic assault after she had a verbal altercation with her husband which resulted in him flushing her wedding ring and her pushing him.

Lebanon man throws soda and slaps his ex over a cell phone

30-year-old Charles Carter was charged with domestic assault and criminal trespass after he slapped his ex-girlfriend and threw a Burger King cup of soda on her during an argument about her cell phone.

Intoxicated homeless man enters Holiday Wash after being banned

33-year-old Joseph Harley was charged with public intoxication and criminal trespassing after officers witnessed him being removed from Holiday Wash that he was banned from entering and found him to be intoxicated.

Lebanon resident “fist bumps” and excessively harasses police at Executive Inn

36-year-old James Frisby was charged with violation of probation and non-verbal harassment after falsely claiming that an officer swore at him and calling Lebanon Police over 15 times without a legitimate purpose.

Lebanon woman charged for being disruptive at the emergency room

55-year-old Karen Demoor was charged with public intoxication and disorderly conduct when she refused to follow the instructions of medical staff at the Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital and was being disruptive by taking photos with her phone and refusing to stay in her room.

Man flags down police; gets arrested for DUI

55-year-old Raymond Heitz was charged with DUI after he flagged down an officer to assist him and the officer found him to be impaired, according to the affidavit.