Man runs up to patrol car drunk after argument with ex-boyfriend

21-year-old Jaylan Jones was charged with public intoxication after he approached police, told them he had been arguing with his ex-boyfriend, and was found to be intoxicated.

Lebanon divorcee charged after endlessly calling ex-wife at her job

55-year-old Gregory Barrett was charged with harassment when he incessantly called a Mount Juliet business trying to reach his ex-wife who had blocked him on her personal phone.

Man charged after his child’s mother says he pulled a knife, tackled her and kneed her in the face

22-year-old Darrin Gill was charged with aggravated domestic assault when an argument over loud music in his car escalated to a knife, death threat and a knee to the face of his child’s mother.

Traffic stop leads to DUI charge for Lebanon man

31-year-old Jonathan Gillis was charged with DUI after he was stopped for speeding while driving home from Nashville.

Man charged with wearing $27.48 jacket out of Providence Target

31-year-old Clifford Weiser was charged with theft of merchandise after he was caught attempting to shoplift a jacket out of the Providence Market Target on South Mount Juliet Road.

Man charged after hitting buddy with vehicle and eluding authorities

26-year-old Connor House was charged with aggravated assault and evading arrest when his friends said he hit one of them with his ride. He then outran officers in a high-speed chase.

Woman charged with theft after shifty shopping at Mt. Juliet Target

38-year-old Geri Brown was charged with theft of merchandise after a Target employee observed her and a man stashing $153.92 worth of merchandise into her purse.

Man kicks chair out from under wife, charged with domestic assault

28-year-old Mitkumar Patel was charged with domestic assault after kicking a chair out from under his wife and trying to drag her out of the house while telling her to leave, per the affidavit.

Man charged with assault after shoving girlfriend’s head into speaker

48-year-old Jack Baird was charged with domestic assault after he reportedly shoved his girlfriend’s head into a speaker during an argument.

Man charged with domestic assault after argument over sex escalates

24-year-old Jeffery Barbee was charged with domestic assault after getting into a heated argument with his girlfriend for not having sex with him.