Man with one shoe chases vehicle in parking lot, charged with DUI

39-year-old William Vaughn was charged with DUI after he was reportedly chasing another vehicle in a Publix parking lot and admitted to having a few drinks prior to driving.

Woman hits father, mother gets cut over his “tone of voice”

21-year-old Celeste Norden was charged with domestic assault after she hit her father because of the tone of his voice and then her mother got cut when she tried helping him, per report.

Driver charged after having “two Twisted Teas;” violates court orders about drinking

feat Slate Gregory

49-year-old Gregory Slate was charged with driving under the influence after he admitted he consumed two Twisted Teas at Jimmy’s Bar and Grill prior to driving.

Drunk man grinds his girlfriend’s face into the carpet

43-year-old Mario Alicea was charged with domestic assault after he knocked his girlfriend to the floor and ground her face into the carpet.

Duo causes ruckus at Lebanon hotel; man tells officers “F U” and “F the police”

30-year-old Mark Yurt and 53-year-old Sharyon Wells were charged with public intoxication after they screamed in their hotel room and were kicked out. Yurt was also charged with resisting arrest after he told officers “F U” and “F the police.”

Woman admits to taking her meds and drinking before driving; charged with DUI

feat Pulley Elizabeth

38-year-old Elizabeth Pulley was charged with DUI when she reportedly struck a mailbox and continued to drive down Five Oaks Boulevard in Lebanon.

Sleeping man found in truck with urine on himself and empty beer cans; charged with DUI

56-year-old David Swanson was charged with DUI and violation of conditions after he was found drunk in his truck, with beer cans on the front seat.

Backseat passenger found with pair of metal knuckles in stolen car

29-year-old Dakota Barber was charged with a prohibited weapon after he a set of metal knuckles while traveling in a stolen vehicle.

Elderly man tells police that he “slapped the sh*t” out of his female roommate

71-year-old Johnny Reynolds was charged with domestic assault after he became upset and admitted to slapping his roommate.

Man points finger guns at the man he almost hit with his car, charged with assault

32-year-old Tyrone Searcy was charged with assault after he almost hit a man with his car, pointed finger guns at him, and said, “boom boom, meet me at the basketball court.”