Intoxicated Man hides in Stoners Creek after he busts girlfriend’s lip

feat Hudson James

44-year-old James Hudson was charged with domestic assault and evading arrest after he punched his girlfriend in the face, leaving her with “a busted lip” and a “possible broken nose,” and ran into a nearby creek afterward.

Heroin snorting driver runs stop sign, blows front tires on spikes, and hits police car

feat Cason Marquelius

27-year-old Marquelius Cason was charged with aggravated assault, tampering with evidence, reckless endangerment, DUI, and evading arrest after running a stop sign and snorting heroin while driving.

Dickson man leads police in 70 MPH car chase down Mt. Juliet Road

34-year-old Jonathon Clark was charged with reckless endangerment, evading arrest, driving on a revoked license, theft, and drug paraphernalia after a high-speed car chase down Mt. Juliet Road ended in a crash and the occupants fled on foot.

Man attempting to steal from Walmart caught with drugs in his car

36-year-old Jazzmon Sunders was charged with possession of heroin, cocaine, and paraphernalia, criminal impersonation, and theft after police searched his vehicle and found illegal drugs when he attempted to steal from Walmart.

Nashville duo found with weed, cocaine, and heroin after attempting to dodge THP

26-year-olds Robert Winston and Desmond Jones were charged with marijuana & cocaine. Winston was also charged with evasion, false imprisonment, order of protection violation, driving revoked, heroin, reckless driving, and paraphernalia after fleeing & speeding through a residential area before crashing through a fence.

Heroin found in the rectum of an intoxicated Antioch man

49-year-old Spencer Amonette was charged with possession of heroin, drug paraphernalia, DUI, and evading arrest after an officer observed him almost cause a multiple vehicle collision on Interstate 40.

High-speed chase ends with crash and false imprisonment charges

20-year-old Istalmir Villasenor was charged with paraphernalia, resisting, evading, tampering, false imprisonment, gun theft, reckless endangerment, DUI, and possession of marijuana for resale after a high-speed chase with children in his car that started with a hit-and-run in Lebanon and ending with a crash on Polk Avenue.

Intoxicated man caught speeding leads police on 2-mile chase; tries to hide in the woods

45-year-old William Shipper was charged with DUI, violation of implied consent, and evading arrest when he was caught speeding on Big Springs Road, and in an attempt to flee from police he stopped the vehicle after a two-mile chase and ran into the woods.

Florida man wrecks vehicle after evading police; screams racial slurs during arrest

31-year-old Billy Starnes was charged with DUI, reckless endangerment, evading arrest, driving without a license, and disorderly conduct when he drove away from a traffic stop and slammed into a truck and a law office. He told police that his girlfriend was smoking crack with people of a different race.

Intoxicated driver seconds from a head-on collision with a police officer

28-year-old Kevin Prevatt was charged with DUI and evading arrest after an officer observed him driving in the wrong lane and came within seconds of a head-on collision with the police car.