Lebanon woman assaults ex’s girlfriend during child exchange

24-year-old Heather Harvey was charged with assault and domestic assault when she hit Mercedes Lulow in the face and pushed Austin Hollis when she realized he was videotaping her.

Catfight results in head smashed onto pavement and death threat

29-year-old Tara Belcher was charged with theft of property, vandalism, and assault when she beat another woman’s head into the pavement over a dispute about a man and then threatened her with a gun.

Woman gets cut up when boyfriend shatters her car window

31-year-old Joshua Campbell was charged with domestic assault after he smashed his girlfriend’s car window that resulted in several lacerations to her arm.

Nashville woman attacks Academy Sports employee following presumed shoplifting

26-year-old Asia Crawley was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after attacking an Academy Sports employee that approached her while she was attempting to conceal merchandise and when she tried to escape, she knocked several items off the shelf, per report.

Lebanon man charged after dragging his mother out of her bedroom

36-year-old Steven Adams was charged with domestic assault after his mother reported to police that he got upset with her and dragged her out of her bedroom. She was able to escape to report the incident.

Road-raged woman avoids accident, bucks and pushes man in response

45-year-old Christiana Bruce was charged with assault for pulling over to a parking lot and pushing the victim who honked at her almost causing her to get into an accident.

Nashville patient threatens death of doctor during treatment at Vanderbilt Wilson

24-year-old Zyrone Reed was charged with assault and disorderly conduct after cornering a doctor in an emergency room of the Vanderbilt Wilson County Hospital and reportedly made threats to kill Dr. Karl Kelley while attempting to treat him.

Duo charged with assault after checking in on neighbor’s marital spat

27-year-old Cody Layne and 24-year-old Tristan Wallace were charged with assault when they were questioning a man about a fight between him and his wife. After he told them it was none of their business, they beat him up.

Lebanon woman beats mother who was giving her son a ride #lashingout

23-year-old Jasmine Fisher was charged with assault when she got into an altercation with a woman who was dropping her son off. Fisher opened the woman’s vehicle door and struck her in the face and shoulder.

Mt. Juliet man jailed after fleeing from police and trying to hide under a table in a restaurant

25-year-old Dillon Hunt was charged with assault and evading arrest when he was noticed by an officer standing outside a Waffle House in Mt. Juliet and when approached he ran off and attempted to hide under a table in Buffalo Wild Wings.