Couple charged in brutal assault & robbery of man — Jordan Baswell & Kamille Anderson arrested

18-year-old Kamille Anderson and 19-year-old Jordan Braswell are both jailed, charged with beating up a 19-year-old man on SE Tater Peeler Road while they held him at knifepoint, and attempted to stab him. While Braswell assaulted the man leaving his face, head, and neck severely bruised, Anderson emptied his pockets, taking all of his belongings, money, and iPhone.

Man charged after knocking air conditioner out of window

feat Henderson Joshua

25-year-old Joshua Henderson was charged with vandalism and two counts of assault after he broke an air conditioner when he was denied use of a phone charger, per report.

Trouble in Trucker Town: Man causes partner to bleed from blows to head

53-year-old Mike Morin was charged with assault after his truck-driving partner reported to police that he had been punched in the head during an argument with Morin.

Woman slashes boyfriend’s arm and tires with knife during argument

22-year-old Stephanie Leija (Flor Leija Urbina) was charged with aggravated assault and vandalism after she slashed her boyfriend’s arm and tires during an argument.

Man has a few drinks; strangles wife

36-year-old Charles Bernard was charged with assault after he tore up the house, chased his wife into their bedroom, and strangled her.

Man points finger guns at the man he almost hit with his car, charged with assault

32-year-old Tyrone Searcy was charged with assault after he almost hit a man with his car, pointed finger guns at him, and said, “boom boom, meet me at the basketball court.”

Woman spits on and slaps the mother of her boyfriend’s child

feat Kennedy, Alissa

27-year-old Alissa Kennedy was arrested and charged with domestic assault after she threw a drink on, spit on, and slapped the mother of her boyfriend’s son at a Hardee’s parking lot.

Patron shoves man to the ground; pushes women out of Mt. Juliet bar

feat Edmonds TImothy

33-year-old Timothy Edmonds was charged with multiple counts of assault after he shoved three people and refused them re-entry at USA Sports Grill, where he does not work.

Lebanon woman assaults ex’s girlfriend during child exchange

24-year-old Heather Harvey was charged with assault and domestic assault when she hit Mercedes Lulow in the face and pushed Austin Hollis when she realized he was videotaping her.

Catfight results in head smashed onto pavement and death threat

29-year-old Tara Belcher was charged with theft of property, vandalism, and assault when she beat another woman’s head into the pavement over a dispute about a man and then threatened her with a gun.