Drug-incited dispute draws attention of officer investigating unrelated case at Travel Inn

39-year-old Jacquez Harden was charged with possession of meth, crack cocaine, and Suboxone after officers intercepted an apparent domestic dispute while at the Travel Inn investigating an unrelated case.

On August 6th, when an officer was at Travel Inn located at 914 Murfreesboro Road for an unconnected investigation he detected what appeared to be a domestic dispute developing. Jacquez Harden told the officer he had been arguing with the female over medicine. He removed cigarette cellophane from his pocket which consisted of half an orange pill which Harden admitted was Suboxone.

Jacquez Harden (WCSO)

When the investigation ensued, an officer completed a pat-down search of Harden and happened upon two plastic bags in his right pocket. One of which contained suspected methamphetamine and the other was suspected to be crack cocaine. After detaining Harden, officers became aware of an active parole violation for carjacking.

Jacquez Harden was arrested and charged with possession of meth, crack cocaine, Suboxone, and parole violation. His bond was set at $3,000.

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