Father to daughter: “I’ll put a bullet in your f**king head” #ARRESTED

MT. JULIET, TN – Roy Oliver Everidge, 57, was arrested on April 9th, charged with domestic assault against his daughter. She says after trying to get money from her, he physically assaulted her, and said “you’re a bitch and I don’t want to see you again” before telling her he would put a bullet in her head if he sees her again.

Mt. Juliet Police Officer Michael Wiley was dispatched to a Georgetown Drive address on April 9th, to a reported domestic disturbance. The victim stated she had she and her husband had knife at the home of her father, Roy Everidge. Earlier that day she had texted her father to ask him to bring the knife over to them, and he arrived at approximately 5:30 p.m. The victim met her father on the porch, and noticed his speech to be slurred, but seemed in an overall ‘ok mood’. She asked him for the knife, and he opened it and handed it to her, stating he had polished and oiled it for them, and demanded $55.00 for the service, and that he wanted his money right now.

Roy Everidge (WCSO)

Roy then grabbed to get the knife back from his daughter, however she placed it behind her back, at which point Roy began yelling, and pressed his body weight against his daughter, bending her backwards over the railing of the porch, as she told him to get off her. He husband then made his presence known after hearing the commotion, causing Roy to back away from his daughter.

Roy reportedly then stumbled down t he steps yelling they ‘were done’ and to ‘never come around again’. Approximately ten minutes later, Roy called his daughter, and she reports he said “you’re a bitch and I don’t want to see you again”.. and continued “If i see you again, I’ll put a bullet in your fucking head”.

Roy Everidge was determined to be the primary aggressor, and was taken into custody, charged with domestic violence. He spent 12 hours jailed on a domestic violence hold, and was then released on his own recognizance. He is scheduled to appear in court in August.

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