66-year-old man kicks granddaughter & baby out, assaults man who returns them.

66-year-old Chris Robert Stinson, of Mt. Juliet, kicked his granddaughter and her baby out of the house, and when a man brought them back to the residence to return them, grandpa says he went outside to “f*uck him up”.

Wilson County Sheriff’s Deputy Terry Hensley was dispatched to an assault on Windy Drive on April 28th, and found both the victim, and Chris Robert Stinson, on scene. On the day before the incident, 66-year-old Chris Stinson had kicked his daughter and granddaughter out of the house, or “thrown them out” as it was described. On this day, the victim, a man of no apparent relation to any party, was returning the daughter and granddaughter back to the residence.

Chris Stinson (WCSO)

Chris Stinson told Deputy Hensley that he went outside to the man’s car to “fuck him up”, confirmed by the victim. When Stinson went outside he did grab onto him in an attempt to “fuck him up” but was not able to inflict much damage onto the victim.

Chris Stinson was taken into custody, and booked into the Wilson County Jail, charged with assault, then released on his won recognizance.

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