Dear Kendell Burton: You’re old enough to know better

31-year-old Kendell Burton was arrested walking out the door of a Mt. Juliet Kroger Monday, after police say she was observed using the self-checkout to bag and steal items she didn’t pay for.

A loss prevention officer from the South Mt. Juliet Road Kroger observed known shoplifter Kendell Burton in the store on April 29th, as Burton was using the self-checkout to bag multiple items, and only pay for a few things on April 29th. Mt. Juliet Police responded quickly, and were waiting outside to detain her as she exited the store, which they did without issue.

Kendell Burton (WCSO)

A review showed that she bagged a total of $40.64 in merchandise that she failed to pay for before exiting the store. Kendell Burton was booked into the Wilson County Jail, and charged with theft of merchandise. She posted a $1,000 bond via Smiley Bail Bonds, and is scheduled to appear in court in July.

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