Grandson pawns grandfather’s $1,100 TV

Uriah Donovan Jaco, 21, admitted to Wilson County Sheriff’s Office Deputies that took the TV out of his grandfather’s room and pawned it.

Perhaps Uriah was too young and inexperienced to know that when you pawn something, anything, your identification is entered into a database that is available to law enforcement instantly – that’s the main primary reason your identification is required to pawn an item in Tennessee. On April 26th, WCSO Deputy Alexander conducted an investigation that found Uriah Jaco had pawned his grandfather’s $1,100 television to Music City Pawn, in Nashville.

Uriah Donovan Jaco (WCSO)

Uriah Jaco admitted the theft, and was taken into custody, charged with theft of property. He was booked and released on a $2,000 bond, via Watkins Bonding. He is schedule to appear in court in August.

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