Man arrested for being naked in Veterans fountain

LEBANON, TN – 29-year-old Yancie Forgue told police he had been naked, so he could bathe in the fountain at the Veterans building near the courthouse.

Lebanon Police Officer Corey Oakley responded to a suspicious person call to 228 East Main Street on May 2nd. The caller had reported a male was naked at the court house. Upon arrival, the officer encountered a man then wearing swimming trunks, Yancie Forgue.

Yancie Forgue (WCSO)

Forgue told the officer he had been naked and taking a bath in the fountain at the Veterans building. razors were located on the ground, nearby, along with Forgue’s shirt and pants hanging on the monument. Forgue was booked on the charge of indecent exposure.

Yancie Forgue appeared in court on May 7th, and plead guilty to indecent exposure. He received a $500 county fine, plus costs (including a $212.50 in indigent fees, for being poor), totaling $1,115.00  now owed to the courts.

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