18-year-old found residing in attic space above 14-year-old’s closet, coming down at night

ARRESTED: Mt. Juliet police physically removed 18-year-old Matthew Casto from an attic space he had been living in, which connected to a 14-year-old’s bedroom via a door in her closet. Police say he would only come down at night when she secured her door and had lived there for a period of time.

Police were dispatched to an intruder call on Karen Drive on June 2nd when the 14-year-old’s mother came home to see a male subject standing at the top of the stairs inside her residence. The man, identified as 18-year-old Matthew Christopher Casto, immediately ‘bolted’ to the daughter’s bedroom and disappeared, despite screams from the mother for him to leave the residence.

Police arrived to find that Matthew Casto had been residing in the attic space and coming down at night through a door in the underage girl’s closet, once she had secured her bedroom door. Casto refused to exit the attic space despite police commands, so they entered the confined space and removed him by force.

Matthew Casto (WCSO)
Matthew Casto (WCSO)

Mt. Juliet Police say they had warned Castro to stay away from, and have no contact with, the 14-year-old previously when the child was the subject of an unruly child/runaway investigation. Casto was taken into custody and booked into the Wilson County Jail on the charge of aggravated criminal trespass. He posted a $2,000 bond via Smiley Bail Bonds (with special conditions), and has a court hearing scheduled this week.

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