Deputy finds woman face down, eating grass from a stranger’s backyard

Responding to a call of an adult female knocking on doors on Glen Oaks Drive, Deputy Chris Conner followed a trail of footprints in the dew-covered grass to find Lisa Renee Dotson, 36, face down in a stranger’s back yard, munching on her grass.

A Homeowner on the 600 block of Glen Oaks Drive in Mt. Juliet initially called deputies to respond to the area, as she noticed an adult female beating on her front, and then going to other homes in the neighborhood when she refused to open her door to the stranger. Officer Conner followed footsteps in the dew-covered grass in an attempt to locate the woman and found her lying face down on the ground eating grass in a backyard of Glen Oaks Drive.

Lisa Renee Dotson (WCSO)
Lisa Renee Dotson (WCSO)

The woman, identified as Lisa Renee Dotson, ran from the officer as he attempted to question her, but he was eventually able to detain her, though she resisting the entire time he was attempting to get her cuffed, wildly swinging her arms. Eventually he was able to subdue her and notes she was confused and disoriented and appeared to be having hallucinations. An arrest report notes her pupils were ‘extremely dilated’, and be believed her to be under the influence of drugs.

36-year-old Lisa Renee Dotson refused all medical care options and was transported to the Wilson County Jail, and booked on charges of public intoxication, disorderly conduct, resisting arrest, and evading arrest. She is free on a $2,000 bond, via Watkins Bonding.

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