Lebanon woman charged after making threats on social media to kill her children

36-year-old Jamie Lynn Steward is free on a $2,000 bond for a harassment charge, after threating to murder her children on social media.

Detectives learned that Jamie Steward, 36, who was staying at the Woodspring Suites in Lebanon had posted threats to her children on social media in late August. The threats included:

“I love murdering children, plan to go to Florida tomorrow to do just that. there’s a good reason I’ve made 6 but have zero, and if I can’t have them no one can”

-Facebook of Jamie Steward 08/27/2019
Jamie Steward (WCSO)
Jamie Steward (WCSO)

Attached to the above post was a screenshot of a text message which stated: “get the paramedics, the kids are dead”. The text further read a specific child was dead and included a photo of a child’s torso with a knife and a substance made to appear like blood.

Detectives determined Jamie Steward made this post as a direct threat to her children, four of which live in Florida. She also indicated that a specific child was already dead, which she knew to not be true. She was charged with misdemeanor harassment and booked into the Wilson County jail on August 31st and is free on a $2,000 bond via Watkins Bonding.

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