Victim says husband ‘walked in bedroom & shook his genitals’ at her during domestic dispute

DETAILS: Zachary ‘Tyler’ Caldwell was charged with domestic assault on September 20th. The victim says he walked into the bedroom and ‘shook his genitals’ at her as the argument escalated. He allegedly head-butted her after that.

Lebanon Police responded to the Carver Lane home of 24-year-old Zachary ‘Tyler’ Cardwell and his wife on September 20th and made contact with his wife, who was the victim of a domestic assault. She told police that the pair had been in an argument and he came back into the bedroom and shook his penis at her.

Zachary Tyler Caldwell (WCSO)
Zachary Tyler Caldwell (WCSO)

The situation escalated, during which time she says she was pushed, shoved, and slapped multiple times before being headbutted in the face by her husband, which knocked her on the floor, smashing her face into the floor. Officers noted injuries to her face and head, and she later posted photos to social media which she says were from the day of the incident.

An arrest warrant for domestic assault was taken out on Zachary Tyler Caldwell, and he was taken into custody at his workplace. He was booked into the Wilson County Jail where he served the state-mandated 12-hour domestic violence hold before posting a $1,500 bond via Watkins Bonding.

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