Man charged with punching woman in the mouth she was using to break up with him

30-year-old Robert Jones was arrested for domestic assault, vandalism, and assorted other charges after he allegedly punched the woman that was breaking up with him in her mouth. She had another male subject at the home when we came to retrieve his belongings, to which Jones responded by breaking down the door frame and fighting him.

Officers responded to a domestic disturbance call on January 2nd, while out on call they made contact with the victim, Jessica Gleason. Jessica stated that she was breaking up with her live-in boyfriend, Robert Jones. An argument ensued as she attempted to break up with him and Robert punched Jessica in the mouth. After that, he stormed out but later returned for his belongings such as his wallet and phone he had left behind. Jessica told Robert to wait outside and that she would retrieve his belongings for him since she had another man in the residence at the time.

Robert Jones (WCSO)
Robert Jones (WCSO)

Robert busted the door off the frame to get into the house and he and the other man started fighting once he made his way in. When officers arrived Robert had already fled the scene. Police stopped Robert’s vehicle and smelled an odor of marijuana coming from the vehicle when officers approached it. They searched his vehicle and found 2 bottles filled with marijuana along with a bud of marijuana in plain view on the floor. A metal pipe used to smoke marijuana was discovered on Robert’s person and a computer check showed that his driver’s license was suspended out of Rutherford County for financial responsibility. Robert also had one prior charge of driving on a suspended license out of Missouri.

Robert Jones was charged with domestic assault, driving on a suspended license, simple possession, drug paraphernalia, and vandalism. His case has been bound over to the Grand Jury.

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