DUI: Teen driver arrested with several empty Twisted Tea cans, 5 drug pipes & more…

19-year-old Hailey Jo Halbert reportedly ‘seemed confused’ when THP made a traffic stop on her vehicle for speeding. Inside the vehicle, a report details he located multiple empty cans of twisted tea, several unopened bottles of other beers, marijuana, multiple drug pipes, and more…

THP Trooper Topps made a traffic stop for speeding on Interstate 40 West. The officer made contact with the driver who was identified as Hailey Jo Halbert. Once Officer Topps made contact he could see a grinder with marijuana residue and a bag of marijuana next to it. The vehicle also smelled of marijuana. Located in the back seat, the officer found a 12 pack of Twisted Tea with 2 full cans and several empty, 1 can of unopened Busch, 1 unopened can of Natural Light, and 1 unopened bottle of Corona. Hailey admitted to the officer that she had consumed a Twisted Tea before driving.

Officer Topps noted that Hailey had an odor of an intoxicant emitting from her person, had red, watery eyes, and seemed confused. Officer Topps asked Hailey to perform a standard field sobriety test and she consented. Hailey then performed poorly during the test, exhibiting signs of impairment throughout the test. Officer Topps also found a case of Natural Light and 5 pipes “believed to be used to smoke illegal narcotics.” Hailey was taken into custody and transported to booking.

Hailey Halbert was charged with DUI, possession of marijuana, speeding, and drug paraphernalia and was later released on her own recognizance.

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