Son breaks broom over father’s body when told he couldn’t go to ballgame; violates bond conditions

18-year-old Shawn Michael was charged with domestic assault in January after he was found to have stuck his father’s body with a broom. He was arrested again on February 6th when police found him in the home with his father, in violation of his conditional release from jail.

On 1/07/2020, police responded to Buckhead Trail in reference to a call a passerby had made stating that they heard noises of breaking of items in a garage. Upon arrival, officers made contact with the victim, Robert Michael, who stated that his son, Shawn Michael, had asked to go to the ball game and he told his son, “No.”

The report states Shawn then threw a glass that broke when it hit the floor and proceeded to grab a broom and hit his father with the metal handle of the broom. Shawn hit Robert in the side and wrist causing the broom to break. Robert did have a red mark on his side from the attack. Shawn was determined to be the primary aggressor and was taken into custody for the assault. He was released with bond conditions that kept him away from the victim, his father.

Shawn Michael (WCSO)
Shawn Michael (WCSO)

On 2/06/2020, Officers responded to the same address to investigate a report of that a prohibited person was at the residence. When police arrived Shawn answered the door. CPL Barth witnessed Robert inside the residence as well. A computer check showed that Shawn was under conditional release following the domestic assault charge. Shawn’s presence in the house with his father was a violation of the conditional release and he was taken back into custody.

Shawn Michael was arrested and charged with the new violation of conditional release and his bond was set at $5000.00.

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